Vanesa Barceló designer

Vanesa Barceló manages to reinvent a classic of the Spanish footwear that leads to an imaginary until now unknown, granting to the humility sophistication, character and luxury. Each espadrille is unique, handmade in Spain, taking care of every single detail to enhance how special you are. Maximum comfort for your feet with an exclusive design, because what matters is the value of your steps.

A espadrille for each person, to be used for a long time and loved forever, each design has its own style for each woman and man, you can choose from a variety of colors, because they are made exclusively for you.

Hand painted, sewn with inlay of pearls, coral, quartz, turquoise,
amethyst, amber, jade, … desings with mink skins, astrakhan, rex hair,
Majestic bird feathers, gold and silver, make your espadrille the most distinguished for the eyes, combined with comfort for your feet.

Floral designs, simple, daring, enigmatic, feminine, glamorous, but never indifferent. Flat and high espadrilles, dedicated works for womans and men, include the creations for your feet from the universe of Vanesa Barceló.

Custom made headdresses, with a careful elaboration, hand painted and sewed, make your hair look spectacular thanks to the structures inspired by nature. Vanesa Barceló takes us to the dreamy sensations produced by the beauty of her designs.

Satin, lace, velvet, sinamay, preserved flowers, with different shades, are manually set in tiaras and headdresses for the most special of your hairstyles.

Since childhood, Vanesa Barceló, born in Spain, has been fascinated by artistic manual creations inspired by nature. This passion translates into a collection of designs in which the smallest details are taken care of, reaching perfection.